When life feels challenging, slowing down and turning inward can heal and transform you. Through connecting with your body and becoming intimate with your emotions and cyclic nature, you can develop an unconditionally loving relationship with yourself. Your journey is absolutely unique and counseling will support you in coming home to the fullness of your feminine strength.



For thousands of years, women have gathered in circle to support and inspire each other. By reclaiming this ancient practice, the modern woman can connect with the deep-rooted wisdom that lives in her body and feel held by the collective strength of the circle. Goddess mythology, art and movement facilitate this nourishing and life-changing awakening.


Highly Sensitive Empathic Women

To be a highly sensitive empathic woman is to feel your own and other’s experiences and emotions very deeply.  Reconnect with your strength, alchemize the societal message that you are flawed and fill up your cup with practices that will support you in reclaiming and protecting your energetic sovereignty and  sensitivity superpowers.