hola, courageous woman. My name is karina maría and I’m delighted that you’re here. Are you longing for some real/significant shifts in your life?

Do you have a deep-rooted desire to feel at home? are you tired of that gnawing inner critic keeping you small and perpetually feeling like you are not enough? are You currently in the midst of a transition (illness, separation, death) and could use some support (and inspiration)?

If you’ve answered “yes/si/oui” to any/all of these questions, then you’ve landed in the right place :).

Listen, I get it. I have been a “yes” to these questions. a huge part of my journey has consisted of reaching out for support (so vulnerable) and i‘ve learned that… we are not meant to do it alone sister.

I don’t pretend to be the expert on your way….because your way is your way and that’s what makes your unfolding so darn precious. I will however, stand by your side with loving curiosity, compassion and a Mochila* of tools that will support your homecoming.

I weave into my work mindfulness-embodied counseling and a plethora of brain rewiring techniques that lead to a path of radical self-love and joyful transformation.

*A mochila is an auspicious womb-shaped bag weaved by various native groups in colombia, my motherland.

are you ready for the magic to unfold?

PS:I work in person out of my office in Boulder, Co or via Skype.


When life feels challenging, slowing down and turning inward can heal and transform you. Through connecting with your body and becoming intimate with your inner landscape, you can develop an unconditionally loving relationship with yourself. Your journey is unique and counseling will support you in traversing the space of where you are to where your feminine soul longs to be.

  Women’s  Temple

For thousands of years, women have gathered in circles to support and inspire each other. By reclaiming this ancient practice, the modern woman can connect with the deep-rooted wisdom that lives in her body and feel held by the collective strength of the circle. Goddess mythology, meditation and sacred embodiment practices facilitate this nourishing homecoming. Check out my Women’s Temple.

Highly Sensitive Women

To be a highly sensitive empathic woman is to feel your own and other’s experiences and emotions very deeply.  Reconnect with your strength, alchemize the societal message that your sensitivity is a problem and learn to fill up your cup with practices designed to support you in reclaiming and protecting your energetic sovereignty. 



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“Karina Maria is truly radiant in body, mind, and soul. She lives in devotion to love, compassion, nurturance, and inner mothering. Her apprenticeship to the Goddesses is apparent in her embodiment of both gentleness and fierce strength. She is an impeccable holder of sacred space and a seer of wisdom and beauty. Whether you work with Karina Maria one-on-one or in a group, you will no doubt experience a transmission of compassion and radiance through both her presence and her facilitation.”

- Katie Asmus

Flowers for you-4-sepia.png

“Karina Maria is an authentic soul, listening and supporting an abundant space of healing. I came to her feeling trapped and very immobilized by fear, not sure how to claim my own body, time and life. Karina Maria showed me a way to trust myself and trust the thread of connection in all of us. She is a healer, guide, and exceptionally intuitive. Never have I met someone so soft and also undeniably strong and grounded. She has helped open my world, welcoming tools I have needed to finally step into my own life.”

- KW

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Finally, after 35 years of feeling lost in myself I can without a doubt know that I am an amazing, strong woman with a very strong voice I’m no longer ashamed to use. It seemed like an impossible thing but Karina Maria was just the person I needed to help me through that process.”

- NG