Bilingual counselor (español), mindfulness meditation instructor and women’s group facilitator

I am committed to creating a safe and sacred space that supports women in moving towards a life of deep joy, vitality, abundance and fulfilling connection with themselves and others.

-Karina Maria Tibble


I wholeheartedly believe that as women, we are not meant to do our inner work on our own. The teachers, healers and mentors I've had the privilege of working with have shaped and influenced the woman I am today.

-Karina Maria Tibble

My story

I’m a woman who grew up in war torn Colombia, and yet, from a young age realized the greatest battles I would encounter would be the ones occurring inside me. This realization inspired me to delve deeply into my own journey of healing, where I was confronted with the painful truth that I was living in my head, completely disconnected from my body wisdom. I didn’t trust my gut nor intuition and often felt overwhelmed by my feelings. I felt chronically exhausted and had various symptoms of dis-ease that had to get loud and scary for me to finally pay attention and learn to slow down and do do it differently. Radically different.

The gold lining: My work in the world comes from a place of knowing how it is to lose touch with oneself. A huge part of my healing journey has consisted in learning to listen to and honor my body’s brilliant ways (and sometimes it’s bloody hard). Falling in love with my cyclical nature and becoming part of a powerful feminine tribe has awakened me to a whole new way of Being. A whole new way of being a woman, a counselor, a teacher a lover and a friend. 

A vital part of my journey was to learn that I'm a highly sensitive and empathic woman and worked on transforming and updating an early misconception that something was wrong with me. I now embrace and celebrate the gifts of feeling, loving and living deeply and know that self-care is not a luxury but a necessity and carry a wonderful toolkit of exercises, practices and resources that will happily share with you.

I don’t claim to be the expert or know “the way” because each woman’s journey is unique. My role is that of a guide-ess; she who will sit by your side and support you on the journey toward healing and awakening to your courage and truth. 

For more than a decade I have worked with women, couples and children in various clinical settings. I received a cutting-edge mindfulness-based education at Naropa University, the Boulder Center for Play Therapy and the Somatic Training Institute. In the past couple of years, I have had the precious gift of meeting and working with my teacher Chameli Ardagh through the Awakening Women Institute.  All of these experiences, combined with my personal path, contribute to my unique approach to counseling and healing. I love what I do and am committed to creating a transformational space for your process to unfold. 

I am very  aware that reaching out for counseling can be scary and takes a lot of courage. Know that I will honor you and your process with reverence and care.



Frequently Asked Questions:


What is Mindfulness-Embodied Counseling?

Mindfulness refers to our ability to gently pay attention to the present moment. Often, our minds are thinking about many things at once, ruminating on the past or anticipating the future, like wild monkeys jumping inside. This behavior translates as “waste of mind” for we waste precious energy that could instead be channeled towards actively engaging and creating the life we long to live.
Through slowing down and bringing our awareness to what is actually occurring in this moment, like our breath and sensations in the body, we begin to connect to a different way of being in the world. Our heart rate slows down and the mental chatter decreases, giving space to a slower, more fulfilling way of being in our life to emerge.

Hablas español?

Si, soy de Colombia y me encanta trabajar en español en persona en mi consultorio en Boulder, Colorado o por Skype. Mi trabajo consiste en ayudar a mujeres en el proceso de crear y cultivar relaciones bonitas consigo mismas y con el mundo que las rodea. En mis sesiones de coaching terapéutico, acompaño y apoyo a mis clientas para que se empoderen de sus vidas y las alineen con sus deseos y verdades más profundas.

Do you take insurance?

I do not work with insurance companies directly but am happy to provide monthly superbills that can be submitted as an out of network provider. .

Do you offer scholarships?

Yes, I do offer a few scholarship slots. Please inquire if there are any openings.

Do you work with children?

I worked as a play therapist for years and absolutely love to support little ones on their journey towards healing. I have 1-2 slots for kids open in my practice. .