Coaching for Parents

Conscious parenting is about showing up for your children with loving and clear boundaries and allowing yourself to be seen in your vulnerability and humanness. In doing this, you will inspire them to grow up into loving and accepting their most authentic selves.  

Parenting can be incredibly rewarding and yet sometimes deeply challenging. After all, no manual is provided to support you with one of the greatest tasks of your life. The great news is that there is actually A LOT you can do to support yourself and your child as you both navigate life’s ups and downs.

Children learn more from what you DO and how you ARE than from what you SAY. For this reason, the best way to support them is by becoming aware of the way you relate to and communicate with them about your own emotions and experiences.  In our work together, I will provide you with simple, effective, and present centered interventions to increase your feelings of connection with yourself, deepen the parent-child bond, and support your child in becoming an emotionally intelligent, resilient, and empowered human being.

Additionally, I will support you in transforming and updating beliefs and dynamics related to your own upbringing that might be getting in the way of a deeply fulfilling parenting experience.

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In my coaching sessions with parents, I incorporate concrete skills in: 

  • Self care- Being a parent requires a lot of energy! Learning simple and mindful ways to “fill your cup” and take care of yourself will prevent you from feeling depleted and will support you in being more present for your little one(s).
  • Connect through play- Children’s primary language is the language of play. Practice new and exciting ways of understanding and connecting to your child’s inner world.
  • Authenticity- Being yourself is the greatest gift you can offer your child. This will inspire them to step fully into the wonderful and unique beings they are. 
  • Emotional Attunement - Discover how to give your child what he/she needs to feel love, supported, and seen.

I am passionate about working with parents of children of all ages, including new parents, parents of teens and young adults. I see individuals, single parents and couples.  Depending on your family’s needs, I will work with you and your child separately or together. 

Specific issues/challenges include:

  • Conscious uncoupling/divorce
  • Grief and loss
  • Death of loved one
  • Discipline (setting and navigating healthy boundaries)
  • Adoption
  • Communication
  • Power struggles
  • Work/life balance
  • Navigating tantrums and meltdowns

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