"Goddess is closer than your own breath. She is a vibrational reality that permeates through all that is. She is a living, breathing intimacy with your experience. Right here. Right now. " ~ Chameli Ardagh

The Goddess, the Divine Feminine, the Great Mother; she who creates the world and has been exiled for thousands of years because of her fierce power. The resurgence of the sacred feminine is occurring throughout the world. Today more than ever, women are hearing the call to reconnect and awaken to Her medicine.

The Goddess, who is at home within herself, leads her life with gentle strength and wild delight. She enjoys the pleasure of being in her body and celebrates her cyclical nature. She is infinitely wise and makes decisions from her womb, gut, and heart, and tends to her creativity with fierce commitment. Are you ready to let her move through you?

Every woman embodies a unique expression of the Goddess tab each given moment. Through mythology and storytelling, embodied practices and creative art interventions, we connect to her many energies and gifts. 

Let’s move beyond talking about the Goddess and experience Her within!

Please note: Goddess Groups are not individual or group therapy. Karina Maria holds a space where women can come together to explore their experiences, but does not offer therapy services during these events.

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