If so, you might be a Highly Sensitive Empath Woman (HSEW).

Highly Sensitive People have a genetic trait found in 15 to 20% of the population that is characterized by a variation that allows the nervous system and brain to process small details and subtleties that most miss. Hence, a low threshold for stimulation; the need for alone time; sensitivity to light, sound, and smell; and an aversion to large groups is common. It also takes highly sensitive people longer to wind down after a busy day, since their ability to transition from high stimulation to being quiet is slower.

Empaths are a particular "breed" of HSPs. They experience the same sensitivities that HSPs navigate and in addition have "a nervous system and energy body that is uniquely designed to merge with and feel the emotions of another (Sweigh Spilkin, Empath Mastery Course). 

Consequently, highly sensitive empath person has the ability to process events, be attuned to and feel to other’s emotional experiences (empathic) and be sensitive to the slightest of shifts in the environment is part of your daily experience. 

Here are some things that Highly Sensitive Empathic Women relate to:

-Feeling everything very deeply. Including the feelings of those around you.

- Experiencing sensory overload like loud noises, bright lights, strong odors and crowded places.

-  Highly sensitive to sounds, smells, bright lights and the feel of certain fabrics.

- Small talk is dissatisfying and boring to you. Relationships are important to you and you like them to be deep and meaningful. 

- You notice little details that others miss like a friend’s haircut or a new decoration in the room. 

- Feel calmer when alone, and, in relationships, you require distance and regular periods of solitude.

- When in the company of others, you struggle to work out whether you are feeling your own emotions or the emotions of those around you.

- You often says yes to others without thinking of their own needs.

- In relationships or friendships, very often you put other people before yourself, as though everyone else’s pleasure and happiness is more important than your own.

 - You will often take full responsibility for how others treat you and for anything that goes wrong in relationships. 

- You tend to connect with people who are suffering and often want to heal others or try to make the world a better place.

- You instinctively know when someone around you is not being truthful.

- Sometimes you just know things, without having any idea of where you gained the information.

- Crowded places are emotionally overwhelming and downtime is required after social gatherings.

(Adapted from Alex Myles Traits of an Empath)

Evolutionarily speaking, your extreme sensitivity served a great purpose for your survival yet it can often feel overwhelming and exhausting in this very overstimulating, modern world we live in. Many HSP’s walk around feeling extremely anxious and experiencing high levels of stress. A client recently put it this way: “it’s like walking around naked, without the added layers of clothes and protection most people have on.”

Sounds familiar? Do not fret…the very good news is that being an HSEW is a wonderful gift! It is what allows you to love, live and feel so deeply. Know that this chaotic, disembodied world needs and highly benefits from your sensitivity and that with the right support, life doesn’t have to feel so challenging. Additionally, in your most developed highly sensitive empathic state, you can serve as a conduit for then Divine (source, energy, God) and deeply support others in their journey of awakening.

The key from surviving to thriving as an HSEW is to learn to understand and honor your system’s needs and celebrate your strengths.

Addiitonal strengths include: 

-You are an excellent team player because you are attuned to other's needs.

-You are creative and productive.

-You pursue projects that have meaning.

-You're emotional in your relationships (contrary to what society has told us, your emotions are a gift to the world and can bring you into deeper connection with yourself and others)

As an HSEW myself, I’m passionate about supporting you in doing the work of honoring your sensitivity while exploring practices and resources that will help you thrive and live your life feeling inspired and at ease. 

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