What others are saying about working with me

My experience in therapy with Karina Maria was positive, enlightening and transformational. She holds such grace and compassion with her presence, knowledge and training. Her mindfulness, body-centered based approach was exactly what we needed for our mother-daughter counseling sessions. I highly recommend her for anyone needing to be heard and witnessed!
— AM
Karina Maria’s acute awareness of my unique path felt sincere and transformational. She has been very graceful at supporting me in the process of reestablishing my connection to my inner voice and gaining more self-awareness.
— AR
When life presented me with the messy invitation to drop to my knees and taste the dirt...Karina Maria was right there with me. She offered me compassion, authenticity, wisdom, strength and a mindful space. All of which enveloped me during my phoenix process. I will carry my gratitude for her with me for the rest of my life.
— NC
Finally, after 35 years of feeling lost in myself I can without a doubt know that I am an amazing, strong woman with a very strong voice I’m no longer ashamed to use.  It seemed like an impossible thing but Karina Maria was just the person I needed to help me through that process.
— NG
Karina Maria is truly radiant in body, mind, and soul. She lives devotion to love, compassion, nurturance, and inner mothering. Her apprenticeship to the goddesses are apparent in her embodiment of both gentleness and strength. She is an impeccable holder of sacred space and a seer of wisdom and beauty. Whether you work with Karina Maria one-on-one or in a group, you will no doubt experience a transmission of compassion and radiance through both her presence and her facilitation.
— Katie Asmus
Karina Maria is an authentic soul, listening and supporting an abundant space of healing. I came to her feeling trapped and very immobilized by fear, not sure how to claim my own body, time and life. Karina Maria showed me a way to trust myself and trust the thread of connection in all of us. She is a healer, guide, and exceptionally intuitive. Never have a met someone so soft and also undeniably strong and grounded. She has helped open my world, welcoming tools I have needed to finally step into my own life.
— KW
Karina Maria’s work is an exquisite blend of gentleness and courage, compassion and truth-telling. She has a profound ability to see the light in her client’s hearts while at the same time help the dive-deep to excavate their shadows. Karina Maria has the knowing of an old soul and the grace and compassion of a wise elder. When you are in her presence you feel loved.
Karina Maria came highly recommended to us – I was looking for more ways to tap into my true happiness. I was seeking to discover how to identify and articulate my value here in our world while balancing all of the roles we play in life… mother, wife, employee, leader, community member, etc. The time I have spent with Karina Maria has been life changing. Each day I feel more and more happy, content, and peaceful while moving through my actions and any consequences they may create. She is an elegant practitioner who can guide you to find your true presence while in her presence.
— NO
Karina Maria is incredibly supportive and holds a sacred space to learn more about my son, myself, my parenting and our family relationships. She guides us through a challenging process that moves us from our heads to our hearts and bodies. It can be a scary and daunting process, but Karina Maria is there at every step of the way. She never tires in repeating ideas and concepts, as if it is the first time you have heard them. Her deep understanding and patience guide us through a journey that is meaningful and encouraging. I still have a lot to learn, and yet I will never be the same.
— SE
Karina Maria’s presence is both gentle and strong, providing a safe container for her clients’ work.  She is unusual in her capacity to be both extremely clear— getting through to the essence of whatever needs attention— and tremendously kind.  Her empathic presence shows the effects of her many years of training in yoga and meditation, as well as her clinical skills.  In both counseling and teaching, she is able to meet each person she works with exactly where they are— and intuitively understands how to help each person take the next vital step in their development and healing.
— Acharya Dale Asrael
In Karina Maria’s presence I felt held, seen and loved, which allowed me to enter into a space that was once very difficult to find on my own. This is a space in my heart where I am in touch with my Self as well as my inner-child.  My counseling experience with Karina Maria allowed me to get in contact with a part of myself that I either had been ignoring or lost contact with.  This is the part of myself that is incredibly wise and trusts the process, as well as the part that so desperately wants to love and be loved. Karina Maria helped me find a way back to this space, and encouraged me to practice returning so that I could find it on my own. As I write this now I feel overcome with emotion. With Karina Maria holding the space I was easily able to feel my emotions, she helped me peel away layers of stories that I had accumulated throughout my life; she helped me become more human. When I was with Karina Maria I was present, I didn’t want to escape from myself. She helped me have confidence in my ability live my life fully, to not get caught up in needing to ‘figure out an answer’, to get quiet and listen, to stop doubting myself.
— CS

What women are saying about the Goddess Workshops

(co-facilitated with Alison McQueen MA, LPC)

“Exquisite. Sensual. Alivening and inspiring on many levels”
Felt held, felt loved, given a space to be fully ME.
A safe space to find comfort, love and power in being a woman!
Awareness, connection, myth and creative arts. I feel full, nourished and rejuvenated very time I enter the Goddess Circle.
The goddess circle is a really powerful way to connect with self, other women and the sacred feminine. Being able to be vulnerable in a safe space is a true gift!
I really enjoyed the Goddess group, especially the meditations and learning about each Goddess. She moved powerfully through me in my week and I felt deeply held, both in the circle and outside of it. Very powerful work!
I loved this group. I was able to gently check in with myself to find more self-acceptance and healing. I appreciate the versatile practices and teachings Alison and Karina Maria have to offer. While feeling empowered and kinder towards myself. I appreciated the balance and positive perspectives towards the sacred masculine, which I don’t find as much as I wish in other women’s groups.
The Goddess series helped me to learn more about myself and my relationship to the feminine and masculine. It’s opened me to so much more than I previously realized. It made a powerful impact in my life and I feel like it’s moving me forward towards deeper connection with my strength.


What women are saying about women’s temple

A balm for my body and soul. So wonderful to connect with women from this deep place!
— AM
Oh KM!!! I LOVED temple! it was so nourishing and just what I needed last night. soooo guuuud. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. ♥️
— JB