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Therapy for women at Karina Maria Counseling

Transformational support for women

 I am committed to creating a safe and sacred space that supports women in exploring, healing and loving their way back to wholeness and create a life of deep joy, vitality, abundance, and fulfilling connection with themselves and with others.  

Therapy for Women At Karina Maria Counseling

Counseling for Women

Counseling and Therapy for Women from Karina Maria Counseling

Begin within, always

“You are the source of all that you desire. Seeds planted must take root in heart and mind before blossoming in the world. Begin within, always.” ~ Marie-Ève Bonneau

I support women in:

  • Waking up, rejuvenating, finding their true voice and expanding into the depths of womanhood

  • Healing the mother wound

  • Goddess Mythology, ritual and ceremony design/facilitation

  • Cyclical awareness and menstrual empowerment

  • Life transitions such as separation, grief and abortion

  • Chronic and mysterious illnesses (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Lyme’s Disease, Chemical Sensitivities), depression, anxiety or PTSD

  • Mindfulness-based and somatic trauma work

  • Manifesting and/or creating a healthy and fulfilling intimate partnership

  • The gifts and challenges of being highly sensitive/empathic (see below)

  • Issues of immigration, outsiderness and belonging

  • Making meaning of challenging, mystical and psychedelic experiences

This work, which I like to refer to as awakening to your feminine wisdom, consists of slowing down and rewiring your brain, cultivating your intuition and befriending your emotions. I wholeheartedly believe that everything you need is already inside of you and see the counseling process as an unearthing and blossoming of your unique way

“We’ve been numb for too long and we need to feel. We need to feel in order to heal.” ~ Lisa Lister

Highly Sensitive WomAn

Do you often feel “too sensitive”, anxious or easily depleted? Are you highly intuitive and tend to get easily overwhelmed? Do you have the capacity to experience the energies around you, including your (and other's) emotions and physical sensations in a deep way? 

If so, you might be a Highly Sensitive Woman (HSW).

Highly Sensitive People have a genetic trait found in 15-20% of the population that is characterized by a variation that allows the nervous system and brain to process small details and subtleties that most miss. Hence, a low threshold for stimulation; the need for alone time; sensitivity to light, sound, and smell is common. It also takes highly sensitive people longer to wind down after a busy day, since their ability to transition from high stimulation to being quiet is slower.

Evolutionarily speaking, your extreme sensitivity served a great purpose for your survival yet it can often feel overwhelming and exhausting in this overstimulating world we live in. Many HSP’s walk around feeling anxious, carrying around other’s “stuff” inside of them. A client recently put it this way: “It’s like walking around naked, without the added layers of clothes and protection most people have on.”

Sounds familiar? If so, do not fret…the very good news is that being a highly sensitive woman is a wonderful gift! It is what allows you to love, live and feel so deeply. Know that your sensitivity is a gift to this world and that with the right support, life doesn’t have to be so challenging. In my own journey as an empathic HSW, I have come too learn that the key from surviving to thriving is to learn to understand and deeply honor my system’s needs. Setting loving boundaries, developing a nourishing and consistent self-care practice, and renegotiating toxic relationships tend to be an important part of the healing process.

Highly Sensitive Empath Women (HSEW, HSW) At Karina Maria Counseling.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is Mindfulness-Embodied Counseling?

Mindfulness refers to our ability to gently pay attention to the present moment. Often, our minds are thinking about many things at once, ruminating on the past or anticipating the future, like wild monkeys jumping inside. This behavior translates as “waste of mind” for we waste precious energy that could instead be channeled towards actively engaging and creating the life we long to live.
Through slowing down and bringing our awareness to what is actually occurring in this moment, like our breath and sensations in the body, we begin to connect to a different way of being in the world. Our heart rate slows down and the mental chatter decreases, giving space to a slower, more fulfilling way of being in our life to emerge.

Hablas español?

Si, soy de Colombia y me encanta trabajar en español en persona en mi consultorio en Boulder, Colorado o por Skype. Mi trabajo consiste en ayudar a mujeres en el proceso de crear y cultivar relaciones bonitas consigo mismas y con el mundo que las rodea. En mis sesiones de coaching terapéutico, acompaño y apoyo a mis clientas para que se empoderen de sus vidas y las alineen con sus deseos y verdades más profundas.

Do you take insurance?

I do not work with insurance companies directly but am happy to provide monthly superbills that can be submitted as an out of network provider.

Do you offer scholarships?

Yes, I do offer a few scholarship slots. Please inquire if there are any openings.

Do you work with children?

I worked as a play therapist for years and absolutely love to support little ones on their journey towards healing. I have 1-2 slots for kids open in my practice.