What turns you on?


What turns you on?

Feeling seen, moving your body to a soulful song, eating a delicious peach, perhaps?

To be turned on by life is to be willing to tune into your senses and live in a state of receptive delight.

It’s to allow yourself be touched and moved by your sensual nature and move towards what bring you pleasure. In that process, you surrender to slowing down and letting the good in.

It is safe to slow down… allow your body to love what she loves...trust in her erotic intelligence.

Mini practice: Close your eyes and take three deep, generous breaths. Ask your body: what would feel good to you right now, dear one? And wait for her response. Maybe it’s stretching, or walking outside and putting your feet on the grass. Maybe it’s savoring a hot cup of tea or howling like a coyote. Whatever it is, let it feel good. Unapologetically good.

For thousands of years, we ladies were demonized for enjoying and celebrating our bodies’ innate impulse to experience pleasure. Driven by fear, we were taught to shame (as in “I am bad”) and reject the sensual animal within. This rejection led to mistrust and fear of our own nature…and our deepest source of power. Reclaiming our eroticism is a necessary part of our awakening and the doorway is through our sensuality (of the senses!).

Entering this exploration through your body is the foundation for a life guided by pleasure and delight…as opposed to duty, fear and judgment.  

Mini practice: Make a list of things that bring you pleasure. Allow your body to inform your answers. Be uncensored. You might be surprised by what comes through :).

My list includes spending time in nature, physical touch, baking cookies, leading women’s groups and dancing to Latin tunes.

Make sure you carve out some time to honor your list! Remember,  it’s the doorway in….

In gratitude,

Karina Maria