Goddess medicine in dark times


It's in the air. The stirrings of a way that is no longer acceptable. The anger, fear, frustration and empowerment women are experiencing throughout the United States as the current political reality points to personal pieces of our story. Of HERstory.

Stay with all that is moving through you, woman. Let it alchemize into pure power and strength. Tend to your voice and what wants to come through. Gather in circle with other sisters, share your passion, go see a counselor....remember that it has to hurt before it heals and that it won't hurt forever. We are weaving HERstory today.  

Goddess Durga is called to battle when the world is falling apart and a more feminine way is needed. She sets out to chop off the demons’ heads with the fierce intention of bringing balance and harmony back into the world, in the name of love. These dark times call for an inner balance of our yin and yang energies. Durga is a great teacher when it comes to this inner balance. She embodies her yang energy with the fierce strength of a mama bear, while deeply connected to her receptive yin, allowing  her hips and yoni to move in rhythm with the tiger she rides, firmly rooted in her heart.


Karina Maria