Sacred Ritual: Practices to Feed your Daily Life

An overall sense of wellbeing lies in the little things that you do throughout the day to tend to your feminine soul….sweet and simple.


I recently printed new business cards and added Sacred Ritual as one of my offerings. But what does Sacred Ritual actually mean?

Sacred Ritual can be an intentional, well planned ceremony with a particular purpose. Examples of these rituals include doing a soul wander on the land, connecting with the new or full moon and it’s particular medicine, a self-marriage ceremony and transitioning from maiden to motherhood. These are all beautiful and very important rituals that  a woman’s life with meaningful connection to herself and the web of life.

The other the sort of Sacred Ritual that I’d like to address today speaks to an intentional attitude of weaving little practices into your day that lead to a sense of nourishing connection to yourself and support you in coming back home. One of my dear mentors Merryl Rothaus LPC, ATR talks about the practice of pairing intention with action. According to her, it’s all about taking daily actions and infusing them with intention and magic.

Some mini Sacred Ritual practices include:  

Body Rinse: Take a moment to rest your hands on your body. If you have a meditation practice, you can stroke your body from head to toe and allow your hands to greet and bring presence to your temple. Then you can begin your sitting practice. Another perfect moment to practice this body rinse is when you're applying body butter or lotion on your face and body. Instead of rushing through it, take a few moments to lovingly massage your belly, breasts and thighs.

Essential Oil Reset: Essential oils are powerful allies to keep us feeling healthy and inspired. Rub a few drops of high quality essential oil (I love doTerra’s oils) into your palms, create a cup with your hands, bring them to your nose and take a few long, generous inhalations. Breathe, soften, receive. I love to start my day with rose oil, frankincense throughout my day and lavender before going to sleep.

Putting your bare feet on Mumma Earth: Research shows that direct contact with the earth allows the nervous system to relax and restore. Visualize your feet growing deep, moist roots. Inhale bringing life-force through your feet into your body. Exhale relax into Her support. 2 minutes will do wonders.

Self-love whispers: An important part of my healing journey has consisted of learning to talk to myself in a radically loving way. It’s amazing to notice how this voice has significantly quieted my inner critique, who used to be sooooo loud! As you get into your car, go up the stairs, take the elevator or put your shoes on…whisper to yourself things like: “you’re beautiful”, “relax, you’re held”, “I’ve gotcha”, “soften.” Neuroscience shows us that the way you talk to you yourself, rewires your brain into an overall more relaxed and joyful existence.

Breathe!: Last but not least…..our dear friend breath. So simple and always available and yet so easy to forget it’s right here for us. A series of 5 round of deep breaths that consist of long, yummy inhalations and soothing exhalations will immediately create a sense of ease. This reminds our system that things are okay, no matter how crazy intense life can feel.

So here’s to the beauty and simplicity of mini Sacred Rituals. I’d LOVE to hear how it goes for you with these practices so please share below! Also, remember that the key to rewiring our brains and rewilding our bodies lies in repetition. So if you feel called, chose one or two rituals and infuse it presence and practice.  

In service of sacred simplicity,

 Karina Maria