tree inspiration 🌳

I’m currently basking in the medicine of my motherland, Colombia. She is wild and sensual  and incredibly generous with her tropical fruits, birds and colorful florecitas. Pure eros! This time however, I’ve fallen in love with her trees.Moist, interconnected and deeply rooted, they mirror back to me the gift of being a feminine creature. 

Women throughout the world are feeling the call to re-member the ancient way to serve our earth, ourselves and each other. Firmly rooted, interconnected and unapologetically powerful, trees are the prefect mirror of this ancient~new way. 

In her book “If Women Rose Rooted”, Sharon Blackie writes, “to change the world, we women first need to change ourselves. And then we need to change the stories we tell about who we are. The stories we’ve been living by for the past few centuries. The stories of male superiority, of progress, and domination don’t serve women and certainly don’t serve the planet.” (Here’s the link to the book. I highly recommend it!)


This transformation is no small task and it takes time and dedication. A beautiful and simple practice that can support us on this journey is to BE with trees. To feel their powerful transmission and generosity. To hug them. To feel their roots and splendor, their support and generosity and their delightful Shakti (life force). To listen to what they have to teach us. Trees are home to thousands and take care of each other. Their roots are interconnected and they are constantly communicating with each other. I have a vision of a world in which women live by the same principles. Connected, supported and protective of each other’s unique expression. 

If you feel inspired to learn more about the magic of trees and would like to support an organization that weaves feminine empowerment with these beings, please check out TreeSisters. They are doing incredible work with restoring the tropical forests around the world. I’ve been supporting them for years and feel incredibly grateful for their contribution.