She who feels delicious, gives deliciously 🌼

Look around you…spring is here! One of my favorite practices is to use Mumma Nature as a mirror. Today, as I write this, I see tulips blooming outside my window and the squirrels and prairie dogs pursuing pleasure and play. 

How are you nourishing yourself? 
What playful practices are you engaging in? 
What feels yummy? 

These questions might seem frivolous and even silly. I get it. In a world where so much is going wrong….how can nourishment, pleasure and play be relevant? Isn’t it self indulgent? 

Sister, I’m here to claim that it’s not. This world needs you at your best. Because when you are at your best (secreting yummy chemicals like dopamine, oxytocin, serotonin and endorphins), you radiate high vibes that in turn benefit every being you come in contact with (this is all backed up by quantum physics but I’m not going to get into that because left brain stuff is not my forte and I trust that you get the gist). 

So….in the name of whatever is holy and sacred to you… please take off your shoes and go frolic on the green grass, sing a spontaneous tune, allow yourself to be intoxicated with the scent of a flower (lilacs!) and eat ice cream (or any other treat that your little one loves).

A note on pleasure…

In our last Women’s Temple we savored the realization that pleasure is innocent and always available. All you need to do is turn toward your inner child and ask her, what would feel good to you right now? Then get really quiet and listen. Honor her impulse. Act on it. Let it feel good. 

Yummy nourishment practice recorded in my sweet Colombia for you…