Indigenous wisdom from my motherland and why PLEASURE is vital

* The mochila is a sacred, womb-shaped bag carried by every arhuaco. Woven solely by women with a particular thought in mind ( i.e. masculine thought, home, higher self), she creates a story that supports and accompanies and protects her husband and children on their everyday life.

* The mochila is a sacred, womb-shaped bag carried by every arhuaco. Woven solely by women with a particular thought in mind ( i.e. masculine thought, home, higher self), she creates a story that supports and accompanies and protects her husband and children on their everyday life.

I recently spent some time with the arhuacos, a group of indigenous people that live in the sacred mountains of the Sierra Nevada of Colombia.

The arhuacos live in complete devotion to the earth and her rhythms. They track the moon’s cycle and pay close attention to their dreams. They call upon the support of the elements and the mothers and fathers (moon, earth/sun, mountain) and are one with the web of life.

I spent nights by the sacred fire, weaving my own mochila*,  listening to their stories and ancient, wise ways. Many stories spoke to the deepest parts of my feminine soul and I look forward to sharing them with you as I continue to integrate this potent, life-altering experience.

I’ll start with Ati Naboba’s story…the lady that loves to create. Powerful and exquisitely beautiful, she follows her body’s pull to be penetrated by pleasure.

Ati Naboba is deeply in tune with her body. A creatrix of beauty, she loves to make love and follows the impulse to do so…unapologetically. She makes love to men, women and other beings, raising her vibration to a state of orgasmic and embodied delight.


Concerned  by her untamed ways, the town’s council decides that she must be contained and puts her in jail. Removed from the world and unable to couple, she channels her sexual energy into weaving and out of her hands, fueled by her creative power, the mochila* emerges. Each mochila she weaves has a specific intention chosen by el pensamiento (feminine thought) and tells a particular story. 

Ati Naboba gets us directly in touch with one of our feminine superpowers: our ability to birth a deeply fulfilling creative life through entering the PLEASURE portal. She’s connected to her pelvic bowl (womb, vagina, vulva) and allows it to feel good. Also, I love that instead of becoming victim to her circumstances when she’s placed in jail, she uses her superpowers and creates beauty and meaning. 

pleasure noun
plea·sure | \ ˈple-zhər

wait upon his pleasure
— William Shakespeare
2: a state of gratification
3: sensual gratification
4: a source of delight or joy

The pleasure portal can be accessed through many routes but the common denominator is your sweet, wise and sovereign BODY. Your throne is your pelvic bone! Think about it. This is the place out of which life originates. Whether it’s a baby, a project or a relationship, you have the power to create something magnificent when you allow the queen of you (because that is what you are…a potent, intuitive sensual queen) to take her seat and guide your life. And pleasure is the portal. Pleasure is not dirty or bad. That’s just an outdated, patriarchal message that you received. It’s not yours. What’s yours is your birthright to feel and be in touch with “down there”.

“When you're able to receive self-love + experience pleasure without thinking it's dirty or wrong, you're able to open yourself up to receive in ALL the ways - physically, emotionally AND spiritually.”
~ Lisa Lister


You can connect to your womb space both sensually and sexually via the 5 senses, visualizations, deep breaths and direct physical touch. I personally love to eat chocolate or a fresh piece of fruit and FEEL how my pelvic bowl buzzes with delight. She loves it. 

So set some sweet and nourishing lady time for yourself. Light a candle, play some drum music, breathe into your pelvic bowl and let her know that you want to get to know her better. Eat chocolate, dance, gently caress your body and let her guide you.

On Goddess Bhuvaneshwari and Her Loving, Spacious Embrace

“Your hand opens and closes and opens and closes. If it were always a fist or always stretched open, you would be paralyzed.

"Your deepest presence is in every small contracting and expanding, the two as beautifully balanced and coordinated as bird wings." ~ Rumi

Outside the birds are chirping and the buds are slowly but surely opening up to a new cycle, a new season. I smile as I feel the warmth of the sun on my face and the promise of warm evenings to come. 

Two nights ago it was the new moon. The darkest and most potent time of the month. Full of possibility. We gathered in sacred circle and practiced with Bhuvaneshwari, she who holds the cosmos in her embrace. Bhuvaneshwari creates the universe out of her own body and hence is the void out of which all manifests. She is vast and spacious and has the capacity to simultaneously hold the entire spectrum of being woman; from the dark, painful contractions to the ecstatic, joyful expansions..with love and tender care. You can offer her your entire experience and she will hold and transform it in her cosmic womb.



Like the moon, Bhuvaneshwari is a mistress of change. She embodies the cycles of creation, fullness and dissolution. So as I sit and listen to the birds singing, I tap into my own cycles. I feel into the new moon and my own moon-time (menses time) and feel the void of potential. I feel into what is dying and plant the seeds for a new chapter, a new lunar cycle. Then I tune back out and feel the fertile springtime. Her sensual invitation to open up my body and heart, expand and dance. I call in the Goddess Bhuvaneshwari and offer her my entire experience. The contracted parts and the expansive ones. Close. Open. Close. Open. Like the heart in my chest, like wings of a bird. I relax into the deep knowing that I’m held by something great and vast. I’m held by the Goddess who can simultaneously hold two opposite experiences and reminds me that all of my experience is welcome. And for a few breaths, I feel infinite. 

What in you is dying? What are you letting go of? 

What are you birthing? What in you is blooming? 

Can you feel Bhuvaneshwari’s loving embrace as you explore these questions? 

A meditation to feel Bhuvaneshwari’s loving embrace

  • create a cozy nest to lay your body in (blankets and sheepskins are lovely)
  • lay on the ground and place your hands on your womb
  • inhale all the way into your womb
  • exhale, soften your entire body
  • repeat 5 times
  • close your eyes and imagine you are floating in a vast and tranquil ocean
  • the ocean is red, the color of creativity
  • the temperature of the water is warm and feels lovely on your skin
  • Inhale and bring your attention to the places in your body that feel contracted, tight, in pain
  • exhale and visualize the water penetrating and soothing these areas
  • repeat 5 times 
  • with each exhalation, visualize the warm, red water softening and opening the contracted areas
  • stay with the feelings that arise, offering them back to the water and bring Bhuvaneshwari’s loving presence as witness 
  • relish in the experience of feeling deeply held and opened by this vast ocean of love
  • you are held

In service,

Karina Maria