The Goddess and her badass medicine


Who is the Goddess?

I talk a lot about the Goddess these days. I weave her into sessions with clients and teach workshops about her various manifestations. But WHO exactly is the Goddess? Women want to know…

The Goddess is source. She is the Great Mother who gave birth to the universe and inhabits it. She who was revered, celebrated and deeply honored for thousands of years before patriarchy took over. She is the Shakti (creative energy) that makes your heart beat and the flowers grow. She encompasses and embodies all of the flavors of being a woman. Gentle and fierce, wild and tamed. Loving and tender and simultaneously terrifying. She is deliciously sensual, infinitely wise and at times very innocent. She is the holder of paradox. She is paradox. She lives through myths and lives in you. All of her manifestations are flavors of your essence and she invites you to awaken to your wholeness. 

What does Goddess work look like? 

There are thousands of manifestations of the Goddess across the globe. When we gather in circle, we practice with a particular Goddess by studying aspects of Her myth and then dive into experiencing Her ways through a series of practices. 

For example, when we study Durga, we learn about her courageous, radical commitment to fighting her battles, out of devotion to what she most loves. We feel, court and awaken the fire of our love and longing. HHHmm. Can you feel her moving through you as you tap into a current battle you are fighting? Yes, you are not alone. Durga Ma has your back. 

The circle has your back too for it provides a loving container for the connection we are working with to deepen. As women, we are not meant to do our spiritual work on our own and learning to trust in the many boons (gifts) that come from letting ourselves be seen and supported by sisters is in my opinion, the sweetest part of this awakening practice. 

If you feel Her calling, please join us on our 3 week Spring Goddess Series coming up in a few weeks. For more information and to register, click here

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In love, 

Karina Maria