Mindfulness-Embodied Counseling

Mindfulness refers to our ability to gently pay attention to the present moment.

Often, our minds are thinking about many things at once, ruminating on the  past or anticipating the future, like wild monkeys jumping inside. This behavior translates as “waste of mind” for we waste precious energy that could instead be channeled towards actively engaging and creating the life we long to live. 

Through slowing down and bringing our awareness to what is actually occurring in this moment, like our breath and sensations in the body, we begin to connect to a different way of being in the world. Our heart rate slows down and the mental chatter decreases, giving space to a slower, more fulfilling way of being in our life to emerge.

Our highly activated nervous system begins to understand there is a different way to BE in the world. We no longer feel like we are prisoners of our “monkey mind” and instead can savor the gift of deep connection with our direct experience, our intuition and the world around us. 

From this place, we become more able and willing to navigate whatever emerges, including difficult emotional states and the negative chatter that often accompanies them. We learn to witness our feelings with less judgment and reactivity and our capacity to accept and appreciate their wisdom increases. 

For these reasons, I often incorporate mindfulness and breathing practices to help you stay grounded and receptive. I will provide you with ample mindfulness-based tools and exercises that you can bring with you into your world. 

So it's all about being present. The next time you have a cup of coffee or tea, see if you can fully BE with the experience. Tune into the scent of the beverage and feel it's temperature. Then savor it's flavor as it travels into your mouth and down into your belly.